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Online shift handovers and log books

A modern and electronic version of the Duty Manager Book, also known as "shift handover" or "log book", to replace your old paper notebooks.

  • Cloud based: accessible anytime, anywhere via a secure connection
  • Real-time update
  • Check, pin and update entries
  • Attach photos and files

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Checklists and automatic reminders

Replace your paper format checklists with fully configurable electronic checklists & manage very easily all your reminders: taxis, wake-up calls, deliveries, and so on.

  • Highly customizable checklist
  • Powerful recurring options
  • Real time notification when a reminder is due
  • Full user history

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Knowledge base, documents and Standard Operating Procedures

Centralize all your important documents in the intranet to have them easily accessible. Request electronic signatures for your Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Manage links, documents and files
  • Electronic signatures
  • Integration with third-party cloud storage services

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Live dashboards

Replace your old printed speadsheet with Dmbook Pro's dashboard module, to get statistics and useful indicators such as trend and goal completion.

  • Track your KPIs
  • Monitor target and evolution

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Maintenance issues, guest requests tracking and ticket management

A ticketing system to manage maintenance tickets, but also lost & founds, complaints, suggestions, and so on.

  • Track and follow (Guest request, maintenance issues, lost & found items…)
  • Discuss topic internally, assigned task to team members
  • Attached relevant documents and pictures
  • Powerful project management tool

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PMS integration

Link the information with your PMS. Contact us to check if you PMS is available.

  • Pull the guest information into your Dmbook Pro
  • Send alert to the PMS

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More than one property? Central reservation or cluster marketing team? Quickly share the important data within your group.

  • Share entire log book, tickets, checklist & reminders
  • Request signatures across your group
  • Greatly reduce the number of internal emails

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